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Balanced diet, exercise, mindfulness, and breastfeeding = healthy mom, baby, & family!

Taking control of your health means you are taking control of your baby's health!

A Few Healthy Snacks
A Few Simple Workouts
To kick off your new exercise regime


 You can start off with a six minute workout in the morning and work your way up. A minute of warm up - jog or march in place.  Four minutes of exercise - rotate between two exercises such as jumping jacks and push-ups (on your knees is perfectly fine!), do these exercises for 20 seconds each and rest for 10 seconds in between, performing each exercise four times. And finally, a minute of cool down - jogging or marching in place. 

Postpartum fatigue affects most mothers and pilates and yoga can help  overcome this. Physical exercise can significantly reduce postpartum maternal fatigue.  Try these simple yoga poses!

You can start walking in your own house! Walk the hallways, then move outside if weather permits. Wear your baby in a carrier or use a stroller and bring your little one with you! Remember to listen to your body and don't push too hard. Allow yourself to recover as you exercise.

 Try a 6 minute workout every morning.

Nuts and seeds provide excellent sources of vitamins, minerals and healthy fats. They are easy to pack and snack on throughout the day

Fresh veggies such as celery, carrots, cucumber, bell pepper and tomatoes dipped in hummus (chick peas dip) or babaganoush (roasted eggplant dip) provide protein, vitamins and minerals, and fiber. The World's Healthiest Foods is a website and a book that both provide detailed nutrition information on various foods.

The postpartum period lasts from the moment the baby is born until the mother returns to her prepregnant state. This can be six to eight weeks or longer. This is a very important time for both you and your newborn baby as you adjust to each other and your new family. You will experience many changes, both physically and emotionally.  
Nicolette Caccia, MEd, MD, FRCSC
Rory Windrim, MB, MSc, FRCSC


To nourish your body and mind

A nut butter is a spreadable foodstuff made by grinding nuts into a paste. The result has a high fat content and taste delicious. Dip an apple into your favorite nut spread!

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